Jason Richards – Respected Survivalist


Jason Richards is the world’s foremost and most respected survivalist. In his Family Survival Course he discusses just how you can protect your family from the ensuing pandemonium that will accompany a political, economic, or natural disaster. Readers from around the world are applauding this fantastic survival guide.

Inside the Guide

What do you need to know to survive impending disaster? Most people would respond with the essentials such as food, water, and maybe a first aid kit. But did you know there are specific foods you should be stockpiling right now, or that there are 16 essential items everyone should have in case of large scale evacuation? All this is included in the Family Survival Course.

Jason Richards’ guide explains how you can pack a medium sized backpack with enough items to survive for up to 14 days!

  • Water - inside the guide you will also learn how to create clean water without the use of filters which strip many of the minerals your body actually needs. During an emergency situation, whether it is economical or natural disaster, water will be an important commodity for you and your family.
  • Energy – you will learn how to create your own energy for less than $200. During an economic or political collapse, chaos will be everywhere which may mean no power grid. Don’t find yourself sitting in the dark.
  • Food – there are 44 essential foods you should have on hand. You can begin stockpiling for less than $300.
  • Defense – Learn how to protect your family from people who will want to take what you have. The potential for urban mobs during a crisis is a given; ever seen looters on the news after a natural disaster? Jason Richards lists the 9 self-defense items you and your family must have.
  • Mistakes – avoid the one common mistake that could leave you hungry for an extended period of time.
  • FEMA – the reasons you should avoid FEMA camps like the plague!


Are you ready to survive any upcoming disaster? There are many who will tell you it is not if, but when, and too many people are ignoring the basic survivalist message. A survivalist is someone who is prepared to survive any disaster. Do you know how to get prepared? Jason Richards Family Survival Course guide will give you easy to follow instructions on everything you need to do to prepare. Even if you do not believe in an impending social collapse, natural disasters occur all the time which means you could be left trying to figure out how to survive until help can arrive. This could be days in some instances; case in point, Katrina. Get ready today with the Family Survival Course; it just might save your life and that of those you love.

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